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MissionSquare December Appointments

Posted on December 1, 2021

Get Enrolled in your plan

Simplfy your Retirement by rolling over old accounts

Increase your contribution

Open a Roth IRA

Schedule an appointment with your Rep, Kim Hammond to start the year right!

Make this year the year you resolve to save more.

To help you succeed:

1. Be specific — for example, resolve to open a new account or increase how much you save to an existing account. Assign a dollar amount and a deadline.
Make it a habit — for example, save to your employer’s retirement plan automatically from each paycheck.

You can’t control the economy or the financial markets, but you can control how much you save.

Find ways to save —
  See how your savings can grow —


To learn more about your savings options, contact your MissionSquare Retirement representative.


Kim Hammond
MissionSquare Retirement Plans Specialist




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