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July Health Topic- Sun Safety

Posted on July 3, 2019

Welcome to our health topic for July  – Sun Safety.


The July challenge is “Go Local”.  The Go Local challenges encourages you to visit a local farmers market this month!  If you are not aware of a local venue a quick internet search will help.  Make you trip to the farmers market a special outing by asking a friend or family member to join you or go alone and enjoy shopping outdoors!  The goal of the challenge is to make you aware of fresh nutrition, seasonal produce, and try something you have never experienced.  Food you have never enjoyed before you may find taste better than ever purchasing in season and from a local grower!  Get out and explore what is available this season!


Building habits is easy….

1) Believe it…Pick a habit that you are excited about

2) Shrink it…Break down the habit into something you can achieve

3) Trigger it…Choose a trigger for the habit, ideally something that already happens

4) Prepare for it…Get the tools needed and prepare your environment for success

5) Track it…Write down each time you do the habit so you can see progress

6) Be it…make the habit part of your identity

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