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Goals and Strategies


Each year, the City Council establishes a set of goals, strategies, and key implementation tasks (Goals and Strategies) that guide decision-making. The City has five core goals:

  1. Neighborhood and Economic Vitality: Create and preserve a healthy economy and neighborhoods.
  2. Quality of Life: Serve and strengthen community and regional relationships.
  3. Public Safety: Prevent and respond to emergencies.
  4. Public Assets: Improve and preserve public assets.
  5. Foundational Services: Sustain organizational viability and exemplary service.

Every goal has a set of strategies, each of which, in turn, has a subset of key implementation tasks. These goals provide a basis for making resource allocation decisions during the budget process and serve as a focal point for assessing and coordinating the City’s various short- and long-term strategic planning. Additionally, they address the community’s needs and priorities, as well as reflect an evaluation of community condition and the government’s operating environment.

Departmental Goals

In late March, each director (or manager) submitted a Departmental Goals document ("original submission from departments"). The City Manager's Office retains your Departmental Goals document and uses it for performance measurement. We also use it to prepare the citywide Goals and Strategies document that accompanies the budget (which is consequently considered by the City Council).

Below you will find a link to the Departmental Goals that you originally submitted to the City Manager's Office.

FY 2019-20 Goals and Strategies

As you'll see below, the City Manager's Office has reviewed your Departmental Goals, made changes,  and incorporated them into the citywide Goals and Strategies document. To see where we made changes, access the red-lined version of the current draft FY 2019-20 Goals and Strategies document below.

Note: This document is in PDF format for viewing only. To make changes to the draft Goals and Strategies document, scroll down to the next section.

Want to Make Changes?

This is an iterative process, right? Let's iterate.

For simplicity, we've added all of the key implementation tasks from the Departmental Goals and citywide Goals and Strategies into one spreadsheet, which can be sorted by goal (A through E), strategy, and department. By doing this, we can see a side-by-side comparison of the key implementation task that was submitted as part of your Departmental Goals and the corresponding key implementation task that will be added to the Goals and Strategies document.

Microsoft OneDrive Tips

The document can be worked on collaboratively via the OneDrive:

  • Microsoft Excel Online: Simply open the document by clicking on the link below and work directly from your internet browser; the document will auto-save while you work on it and others may work on it at the same time.
  • Microsoft Excel: Click on the link below, which will open the document in Microsoft Excel Online, click “Edit in Excel”, and Microsoft Excel will open in a new window; when you’re done editing the document, click the “Save” icon and your edits will be saved automatically in the OneDrive.

Next Steps

Now is your time to review and make changes to the Goals and Strategies document by accessing the matrix above. If you have any technical questions regarding accessing this or any other document found on this web page, contact Daniel Soto at ext. 3064. If you have questions about the content of the draft Goals and Strategies document (or matrix), contact Jim.

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