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February Health Topic: Heart Health

Posted on February 1, 2019

Welcome to our health topic for February — heart health. This month, we focus on simple things you can do to protect your heart and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The February challenge is “Write It”.  This month we invite you to journal for 15 days.  It doesn’t matter if you use a computer or paper and pen.  You can write for as little or as long as you would like.  The goal is to see what journaling can do for you!  Don’t worry about grammar, penmanship or punctuation.  Don’t spend too much time thinking about what to write, just let your consciousness flow.  Journaling can help you process thoughts and feelings each day.  Journaling may be the “write” thing for you!



Building habits is easy….

1)    Believe it…Pick a habit that you are excited about

2)    Shrink it…Break down the habit into something you can achieve

3)    Trigger it…Choose a trigger for the habit, ideally something that already happens

4)    Prepare for it…Get the tools needed and prepare your environment for success

5)    Track it…Write down each time you do the habit so you can see progress

6)    Be it…make the habit part of your identity


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