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Digital Update: visualizing the process

Posted on December 6, 2019

empathy mapping

Visualize the Process

At this week’s Learning Lab, our facilitator Judi Brown took teams through the process of journey mapping. Journey mapping starts by compiling a series of actions into a timeline. This involves taking a task, such as applying for a permit, and plotting the user experience. By creating this map we’re combining two powerful instruments—storytelling and visualization. The greatest benefit of a journey map is the ability to better understand the perspective of the “customer” and then addressing their needs.

Another tool we learned about is empathy mapping. The teams working on housing and Spanish language engagement worked together to gain a deeper insight into the minds and experiences of people in our community impacted by the housing crisis. Mapping the various things people see, hear, feel, and do, helps us create a shared and holistic understanding of user needs.

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