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August Health Topic: Weight Management

Posted on August 1, 2020

Welcome to our health topic for August- Weight Management.

You can find more resources at our Choose Better site

The August challenge is “Drop Pop”.  The Drop Pop challenges invites you to give up soda during the work week.  This includes all types of sodas; regular, diet and caffeine-free.  We know that although soda might taste great, its not great for your body or your pocket book.  Water, whether sparking or still is still the best option.  Whatever you drink, just drop the pop!  Try adding a slice of lemon, strawberries or any fruit to add flavor to your water.  Do yourself a favor:  Save some money and your health at the same time.


Building habits is easy….

1)    Believe it…Pick a habit that you are excited about

2)    Shrink it…Break down the habit into something you can achieve

3)    Trigger it…Choose a trigger for the habit, ideally something that already happens

4)    Prepare for it…Get the tools needed and prepare your environment for success

5)    Track it…Write down each time you do the habit so you can see progress

6)    Be it…make the habit part of your identity


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