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April Health Topic: Stress Management

Posted on April 8, 2021


All – 2020-2021 April Stress Management Flyer Design Option A, English.pdf

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All – 2020-2021 April Stress Management Flyer Design Option A, Spanish.pdf

Welcome to our health topic for April — stress management. This month is all about helping you find healthy ways to stay cool under pressure with simple strategies for keeping stress in check.

Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes. But too much stress can be hard on your health — so it’s important to find ways to offset those negative effects. Here are 3 simple tips to reclaim your calm even when you’re pressed for time.

Sweat more, stress less

Symptoms of stress can create a vicious cycle between your mind and body. Exercise helps to break this cycle by relieving tension and releasing feel-good brain chemicals that fight the effects of stress.

Take a break to breathe

When stress strikes, try a few minutes of deep breathing. Breathe in for a count of 5, hold for 5, and exhale for 5. Repeat 10 times or until you start feeling more calm, grounded, and focused.

Unplug to recharge

Your phone needs time to recharge, and so does your brain. Disconnecting from digital noise for a little while each day can help you stress less, sleep better, and spend time doing more rewarding activities.

Monthly Challenge

The April challenge is “Breathe Deep”. The Breathe Deep challenge invites you to slow down and breathe deeply twice a day, five times a week for the next four weeks! Focused breathing can help you become calm when you feel anxious. Research has shown that slowing your breathing lowers levels of anxiety, calming your brain and enabling you to deal with daily challenges more effectively. Taking slow, deep breaths can also help you notice and enjoy the moment you’re in and give you a nice mental break. Kaiser Permanente members can find free meditation resources on the Calm app at

The monthly health topic is designed to help keep you healthy and motivated all year long — Along with the health topic of the month we have included other resources to help you stay informed.


Wellness Webinar Links and Resources

Just a click away! Get ready, get up and get moving with us!!

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4.7 Mindful Stretching.promoflyer.pdf

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4.14 FittingItIn.promoflyer.docx

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Healthier U Connections!

Don’t miss out….be sure to sign up today for the new Healthier U Connections portal where you will find well-being resources designed to help you be the best YOU!!!

Healthier U Connection – Teaser video

Healthier U Connection – Demo Video

Caring for the Whole You with Calm and myStrength

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. To support your total health, Kaiser Permanente members have access to Calm and myStrength apps. These wellness apps can help you navigate life’s challenges, and make small changes to improve your sleep, mood, relationships, and more. It’s self-care made easy, designed to help you live well and thrive. They’re not intended to replace treatment or advice, but they can help you build resilience, set goals, and take meaningful steps toward becoming a healthier, happier you. Access the apps or find other helpful resources by visiting

Guided Exercises and Activities

By looking out for stressful situations, and noticing how stress affects you, you can learn to manage stress better — before it manages you. Learn to move more mindfully through stressful situations, and build positive coping strategies for life’s many ups and downs with these helpful guided exercises and activities. Access these great resources at

COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Updates

The COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out across the country. Supply is limited but increasing — and we’re doing everything we can to make it available to more of our members. We’re currently providing COVID-19 vaccine appointments for people who work in health care, education, child care, agriculture, and food and emergency services, residents of long-term care facilities, and people 65 or older.

As supply allows, we’re also reaching out and offering vaccine appointments to members 16 to 64 who are at high risk of complications due to COVID-19 based on their medical history. If you’re in an eligible group or want to learn more about the vaccine, visit You can also call our 24/7 KP COVID Vaccine Infoline at 1‑855‑550‑0951 (available in English and Spanish) for regular recorded updates. For more information visit COVID-19 Updates

Social Health Supports Your Total Health

When you think about health, you might think of doctor visits and medicine. But what about access to healthy food? Or a safe place to live? Good health requires more than just health care. You need to be supported in mind, body, and spirit. At Kaiser Permanente, we know these things are an important part of improving the total health of our members. You can count on us to connect you to the social health resources you need to live well and thrive. If you need support, we’re here to help. Thrive Local Connections is dedicated to connecting you to social services in your community. You’ll talk to a specialist who will help you find community resources in your area. Get started by calling 1-800-443-6328 (TTY 711), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your time zone. More information can be found by visiting

Keep an eye out for the next installment, and we hope you have a happy, healthy April!


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