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FAQ Topic: Purchasing & Contracts

How do I order business cards?

Contact your department’s administrative assistant. If you’re the one placing the order, head over to our Printing Services page for business cards and so much more!  

What travel expenses are reimbursable?

When traveling on City business, you may be reimbursed for airfare, automobile mileage, road tolls, car rentals,  and taxis/shuttles. You may also be reimbursed for lodging and meals. Check out our Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy for more information.

What’s the difference between an RFP, RFI, and RFQ and how do I know which one to use?

UNDER CONSTRUCTION A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a document that solicits proposal, often made through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service, or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals. A Request for Information (RFI) is a standard business process whose purpose is to collect written information about the capabilities of … Continued

How do I submit a mileage reimbursement form?

Fill out a travel reimbursement form and submit it to the Finance Department. Don’t forget to attach a printout showing the amount of miles from your workplace to your destination. This can be done through Google maps or any other directions website.

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