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FAQ Topic: PG&E Power Shutoff

What should I do to prepare for this event?

Employees are encouraged to sign up for AlertMarin and Nixle (text your zip code to 888777 for Nixle alerts) and visit the San Rafael Fire Department Emergency Management web page to get more information on disaster preparedness on preparing for extended power outages. In addition, staff should make sure they and their family are personally … Continued

How does this plan affect me as an employee?

As part of the PSPS plan and depending on the weather conditions, the City may activate its Emergency Operations Center to support life safety and critical infrastructure needs. All City employees are considered Disaster Service Workers and may be utilized in different capacities or different work schedules to support the needs of the City. For … Continued

What impacts can we expect with a power shutdown?

A variety of impact our possible. These include an inability to conduct City business or support planned events. There will also be impacts to access ATM machines, purchase fuel, operate computers, use cell phones, access WIFI networks, or purchase any supplies with a debit of credit card The loss of power to HVAC units may … Continued

How will the community get notified?

According to PG&E’s Public Safety Shutoff plan, PG&E will notify affected communities and first responders 48 hours in advance of the power shutoff when possible. When the City of San Rafael receives notification of a planned power shut down event, the City will work with the Marin County Office of Emergency Services to send out … Continued

How long will the power shutoff last for?

It is expected that each power shutoff will last five to seven days. The total outage time will be the length of the weather event prompting the PSPS and the time it takes PG&E to restore the power. Restoration requires each line be visually inspected during day light hours, so this process could take days.

What is a Red Flag Day?

A Red Flag Day is when the National Weather Service issues a warning that there is an elevated risk of wildfire due to weather conditions. Generally, the weather conditions will have high heat over 90’F, humidity less than 20% RH, and wind speeds over 20 mph from the northeasterly direction.

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