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FAQ Topic: Network Drives

OneDrive (Cloud-based storage)

What is stored here:  Confidential personnel files, collaborative SharePoint documents.  Who can access:  Your personal OneDrive is visible only to you unless you share files or folders with others.   The OneDrive Team Folders are visible to members of SharePoint Team sites.  Who cannot access:  Other members of your department cannot see your OneDrive files or folders unless you share them.     Why … Continued

M-Drive (Media Drive)

What is stored here:  Pictures, videos, sound files.  Who can access:  The M-Drive is visible to all employees in the organization.  Who cannot access:  Some folders and files have restricted access.  Why we use this:  The M-Drive allows staff to share photos and video resources city-wide.  Description:    Looking for a photo or City logo for a brochure or poster? … Continued

T-Drive (Team Drive)

What is stored here:  Cross-departmental projects and resources.  Who can access:  The T-Drive is available to all employees in the organization.  Who cannot access:  Some folders and files have limited access and require permission to read or edit.  Why we use this:  The T-Drive allows staff to work on projects inter-departmentally. Files and folders can be read, saved, … Continued

W-Drive (Department Drive)

What is stored here:  All department work (non-confidential)  Who can access:  All members of your department have full access to the files in the W Drive.    Who cannot access:  Members from other departments cannot see your W Drive.  Why we use this:  All staff work should be visible to colleagues and supervisors.   Description:    Each department has … Continued

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