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FAQ Topic: Benefits

NY Life – Long Term Disability

Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance is a supplemental insurance that helps people who can’t work because of an injury, illness or disability. If you have LTD insurance, it will replace some of the income you lose when you can’t work because of an injury, illness or disability. How to File a Disability Claim & Process Long … Continued

NY Life Insurance

All employees are automatically enrolled in the city-paid Basic Life insurance benefit, as designated in the appropriate MOU, upon hire.  Employees should maintain an updated Basic Life Beneficiary Designation form on file. There is no formal open enrollment period to purchase Voluntary Life insurance for yourself and/or your eligible dependents. Please note that in order to purchase life insurance for your … Continued

Deferred Comp – MissionSquare & Nationwide

MissionSquare- 457 Plans 457 Plan Enrollment Portal 457 Plan Beneficiary Designation Form 457 Plan Contribution Change Form 457 Plan Catch-Up Brochure MissionSquare- Roth IRA MissionSquare ROTH IRA Enrollment Form MissionSquare- Informational Flyers Another Way to Save- 457 Plan vs Roth IRA ICMA Name Change to MissionSquare ICMA Name Change FAQ MissionSquare Video Clips Choose your … Continued

Vision – EyeMed (select Bargaining Groups only)

Members in certain bargaining groups are eligible for vision coverage through EyeMed.  This benefit is fully paid by the City for Employee Only coverage (pro-rated for part-time employees).  Employees may enroll all eligible dependents for an out-of-pocket cost of $7.39 per month.  The City picks up the cost to enroll eligible dependents for Executive and … Continued

Commuter Benefits – EDENRED

Commuter benefits give employees the opportunity through their employer to use tax-free dollars on commuting costs and keep more of what they earn in every paycheck. Companies that offer commuter benefits also save money by reducing payroll taxes. Commuter benefits allow employers to support their employees when it comes to their daily commute. Commuter benefits include parking … Continued

PARS Retirement

PARS is a retirement account for part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees who work for public agencies. The federal government requires that all public agency employees are put in some type of retirement plan.  Learn more here: Beneficiary Designation Form Plan Information Sheet

EAP- Concern for First Responders

Effective January 1, 2022, City of San Rafael is providing a new employee emotional and mental wellness benefit service through Concern for first responders. EAP Concern Introduction EAP Concern Registration Instructions EAP First Responder Program First Responders Benefit Summary Please note: Admin staff & Fixed-Term employees are covered through Magellan EAP. Please visit or … Continued

Employee Commute Program

The Employee Commute Program is for the sole use of employees and volunteers of the City of San Rafael. Certain incentives will be reported as income. Carpool and vanpool startup incentives are issued one-time only. Below are the incentives/services available. For more information, or to sign up, visit:   Incentive/Services Value Eligibility Income Tax … Continued

Flex Spending Account

Enrollment in FSA Health Care Reimbursement and the Dependent Care program requires an annual election. This means you must submit a new enrollment form even if you are setting aside the same amount as previous years. 2024 FSA Enrollment Form (required annually)  FSA Medical Brochure FSA Dependent Care Brochure Common FSA eligible/ineligible expenses Learn more … Continued

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