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When writing a project update/information post…

  • Start from the beginning. Describe the project as if it was the first time someone was hearing about it. Always link to project page on DPW website if one exists. Always spell out acronyms.
  • Where is the project? Be specific as possible about the geographic limits of the project
  • Why is this project being done? How will the project benefit the community?
  • What’s the schedule? When will the project be finished? Think milestones
    • Best practice is to include a rough construction timeline
  • Why are you notifying the public? Just an information update? Or an upcoming activity that will be taking place? What work has already been done on the project vs. what is to come?
  • How will residents/business owners be directly impacted? Will roads be closed to vehicles? Sidewalks to pedestrians/bicyclists? Are there detours?
  • Are you seeking input from the community? If so, be clear on what, and how they can provide it
    • Do you need a survey? Or would you like their feedback at an upcoming meeting?
  • How is this project being funded? Do you need to thank any community groups for donations, or acknowledge local funders (TAM) or State funds (SB 1)? Measure E San Rafael sales taxMeasure A Countywide Parks sales taxMeasure C Wildfire tax?
  • How can residents get more information and/or who should they contact for additional questions?
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