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Step 3: Create Your Test Script | How are you testing?

The test script provides structure to your test and will help you run each session consistently. The script should include:

  1. Introductory questions to provide context for the test and help make the tester comfortable
    • “How do you typically find information about City programs?”
    • “Have you planned an event that required working with the City?”
    • “What was that experience like for you?” 
  2. User scenarios and tasks
    • Scenario: Your daughter is turning 5 and you have decided to throw a birthday party at Gerstle Park.
    • Task: Navigate to and reserve a picnic table online.
    • Scenario: Your daughter is getting married and she asked you to help plan a wedding at Falkirk Mansion.
    • Task: Navigate to and make a reservation for the Falkirk Mansion for her wedding day.
  3. Questions about the experience
    • “How would you describe the experience of renting with the City?”
    • “What changes would make the process easier for you?”
    • “Would you recommend using the City for an event in the future?
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