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How many hours am I eligible for in the case of Symptom/Quarantine/Vaccine?

Full-Time Employees – are eligible for up to 40 hours (up to 5 days) per week based on the regular work schedule.

Regular Part-Time Employees – if the employee has a regular weekly schedule, then the employee is eligible for an amount of SPSL equivalent to up to one regular workweek.

Temp/Seasonal Employees – are eligible for up to the average number of hours the employee worked each workday over the last six months (multiplied by 7).  If the employee has worked for fewer than six months, the employee is eligible for up to the total daily average hours (multiplied by 7).

Firefighters – Firefighters who were scheduled to work more than 40 hours in the workweek before they take SPSL are entitled to the amount of SPSL equal to the “total number of hours that the covered employee was scheduled to work for the employer in that workweek,” which may exceed 40 hours.

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