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How do I handle calls related to homelessness?

There are a few ways to handle calls related to homelessness depending on the type of call:

  1. Disorderly conduct:
    • If you are witnessing disorderly conduct or are concerned about someone’s immediate well-being on the street, please call 911.
  2. Homeless encampments:
    • You can transfer the to the Police Department non-emergency line at 415-485-3000. The report will eventually be handled by the Public Works Department, but the PD needs to tag the encampment prior to any further action.
  3. City’s role
    • If there are concerned residents interested in finding out what the City is doing with regard to homelessness, you can transfer the call to our Director of Homeless Planning & Outreach Andrew Hening. Also, let them know our website is up-to-date with recent reports that have gone to the City Council.
  4. Trash / debris (not an encampment)
    • Have them contact the Downtown Streets Team at 415-991-5267 and they will work with them to get the street cleaned up.
  5. Homeless in need of help
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