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Assisted Listening Devices: How do I operate our ADL and translation devices?

The Council Chambers has two systems for Assisted Listening to accommodate hearing impaired and translation services. The Assisted Listening Devices are located in the bottom drawer of the counter on the south wall of the Council Chambers.

  • Listen Receivers/Transmitter system – Used for Assisted Listening (Channel A) and Translation (Channel E)
  • Listen Everywhere – Mobile application allows user to use their own heaedphones and control sound quality and equalization. View the vendor instructions online.


Using the Listen Receivers for Assisted Listening

  1. Charge the Receiver – Prior to a meeting you should make sure the Listen Receivers are charged. Each briefcase has a charger and can be charged via the outlet at the base of the briefcase.
  2. Connect the Headphones – Headphones are in a separate softshell case.
  3. Turn on the Power – Press the power button to make sure power is on.
  4. Make sure it is set to Channel A – When distributing the receivers for Assisted Listening make sure they are set to Channel A.
  5. Audio from the PA will be transmitted to the receiver – The user will hear audio from the PA using the Listen receiver. They can turn volume up or down on the handheld receiver.


Using Listen Receivers for Translation

  1. Charge the Transmitter – The transmitter for translation is in a smaller briefcase. Each transmitter has a microphone that connects directly to the transmitter. Make sure the transmitter is charged prior to the meeting.
  2. Follow steps 1 to 3 above for the receivers – Make sure the receivers are charged, connect the headphones, and turn on the power.
  3. Translation is transmitted on Channel E – When the receiver is set to Channel E the user will hear audio coming from the Listen handheld transmitter. This allows for simultaneous translation during a meeting.


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