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Diversity and Inclusion Training

JulJuly 26 2018

9:00am - 11:00am San Rafael City Hall (Council Chambers)

1400 Fifth Ave, San Rafeal, California 94901

It is important that we are working together as an organization to establish a workforce that reflects the diversity that exists in the community that we serve and insuring that we are promoting equity and inclusion in how we approach our work and one another. This training session focuses on examining and embracing the benefits of diversity while also helping participants understand the inherent challenges of diversity. The goal is for us to learn new tools to better prepare us for some of the challenges we may experience in our professional and personal lives. When we are inclusive and open to diverse perspectives, we will be a better team in serving the community together.

Trainer: Gerry Preciado

Philosophy and Approach: Training should be fun, entertaining, educational, and inspiring. Training should provide the participants with relevant tools for successful human interaction through an engaging participatory process. Training should not make participants’ minds go numb. Serious subjects do not need to be void of humor, and are not mutually exclusive with great presentations and excellent facilitation. If an employer wants to send a clear message to their employees that they care, providing training that does not feel punitive or like some form of mind torture is a great way. Too many organizations believe that their sole objective when it comes to mandatory trainings is to run a Scared Straight Program for their employees. Most employees do not appreciate being treated like an at-risk future sexual harasser or discriminator. Consequently, employees frequently tuneout during the training and sit there bored for the mandated two hour training session. This is an enormous waste of time for everyone involved.

Relevant Experience and Education: Gerry Preciado has been training personnel in both the public and private sector since 1996. He has literally trained and consulted with thousands of employees. His areas of expertise and emphasis are leadership, organizational development, legally mandated sessions (ethics, harassment and discrimination prevention), communication and conflict resolution. He received his Bachelors and Juris Doctor degrees from UCLA and the UCLA School of Law respectively.

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