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Teams Directory

A directory of cross-departmental teams

Team Name Focus Areas / Priorities Lead Members
Community Engagement Communications inventory, Spanish-language outreach, community partners database Sean Mooney Ethan Guy, Christine Foster, Daniel Soto, David Catalinotto, Lindsay Lara, Danielle O’Leary, Cory Bytof, Miriam Wallen, Laura Washburn, Hunter Young, Andrew Hening, Ali Giudice, Quinn Gardner, Christian Diaz, Roy Leon, Catherine Quffa, Rebecca Woodbury
Continuous Learning Learning Labs, employee-led trainings, Code for America  Rebecca Woodbury Sean Mooney, Raffi Boloyan, Josh Minshall, Jennifer Kiefer, William Calhoun, Nadine Hade, Paul Jensen, Cristine AlilovichJinder Banwait, Henry Bankhead 
Data & Analytics Data discovery sprint, open data, performance measurement Rebecca Woodbury Zak Baron, Vinh Pham
Development Coordinating Committee New development projects  Ali Giudice Alan Montes, Ana Santiago, Barry Miller, Caron Parker, Don Jeppson, Josh Minshall, Karen Chew, Lauren Davini, Michelle Ginn, Paul Jensen, Raffi Boloyan, Bob Sinnott, Simon Vuong, Steve Stafford, Susan Andrade-Wax, Rafat Raie 
Employee Evaluations Automated onboarding checklists and guides, City tour  Shibani Nag Ali Giudice, Margaret Stawowy, Sam Garanzini, Crystal Kubala 
Employee Events Holiday Party, Recognition Lunch, Let’s “_______” Together, Connect to Collaborate  Susan Andrade-Wax Lidia Que, Becky Ordin, Danielle O’Leary, Christine Foster, Rhonda Castellucci 
Employee Onboarding Shibani Nag Sean Mooney, Chris Gray, Jason Fong
Employee Website Guides and helpful resources about procedures, policies, news, events, training opportunities related to the website  Rebecca Woodbury Daniel Soto, Jennifer Alcantara, Lindsay Lara, Michelle Ginn, Miriam Wallen 
Equity & Inclusion Women in Government, diversity training, multigenerational panel, gender bias/equity in the workplace Cristine Alilovich
Health & Safety Illegal dumping (mini-grants, dumpster days, enforcement); homeless encampments, goat-grazing; quality of life concerns  Ana Santiago Zak Baron, Vinh Pham, Carl Huber, Lynn Murphy, Steve Stafford, Larry Salvisburg, Christine Foster, Jinder Banwait, Don JeppsonFaby Guille-Urfer, Andrew Hening, Quinn Gardner, Marshall Nau, Cory Bytof, Todd Berringer, Rob Cleland, Alex Wood, Mark Wilkinson, Anthony Scalercio, Thomas Wong, Chief Bishop, Bill Guerin, Chief Gray
Housing Working Group Affordable housing pipeline Paul Jensen / Raffi Boloyan Danielle O’Leary, Ethan Guy, Andrew Hening, Ali Giudice, Iman Kayani
Management Team Provide feedback on Together San Rafael program approach; serve as champions of individual innovation projects; remove barriers to get projects across the finish line; oversee Employee Engagement Survey Rotates All executive leadership and mid-managers 
Ministry of Alternative Commute / Green Team Cory Bytof Jennifer Alcantara, Sylvia Gonzalez, Alan Montes, David Catalinotto, Laura Washburn
Permitting & Process Improvement Homeowners guide, “life of a plan submittal” video, encroachment permits  Don Jeppson, Bob Sinnott Michelle Ginn, Erin Lofton, Hunter Young, Karen Chew, Ali Giudice, Rafat Raie, Catherine Quffa 
Recognition Employee of Quarter / Year, Employee-Led Recognition Training, Service Awards  Andrew Hening Sylvia Gonzalez, Jennifer Alcantara, Crystal Kubala, Alejandra Barrios, Danielle O’Leary, Habad Ahmad, Mike McCarthy, Raul Aguilar, Jim Myhers, Erin Lofton, Dylan Frisbie, Christine Foster, Brenna Nurmi 
Storytelling & Communication Storytelling about culture change, videos, employee newsletter Andrew Hening Lindsay Lara, Steve Mason, Lidia Que, Crystal Kubala, Scott Eberle, Dylan Frisbee, Bob Sinnott
Together San Rafael Advisory Committee Provide feedback on Together San Rafael program approach and individual innovation projects; serve as ambassadors to their departments; support and cultivate departmental participation Department representatives
Together We Improve Services (TWIST) Contract process and management, race and equity impact analysis, master fee schedule update, wildfire prevention plan  Ethan Guy, Daniel Soto, Crystal Kubala, Christine Foster, Catherine Quffa, Iman Kayani, Thomas Wong, David Catalinotto, Sean Mooney, Brenna Nurmi 


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