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Steps to Void a Check

Note: If a check is missing or you do not have the physical check, first ask Van or Shawn to place a stop payment on the check. They will also confirm if a missing check has been cashed or not.
**(all the steps are performed by the AP Accounting Assistant, except for the stop payment)**

Once the stop payment has been placed and/or you have the physical check, follow the next steps:

Part A:

  1. Pull non-negotiables.
  2. Go on Eden // check processing // reconciliation // update outstanding checks // QBE line of your preference // QBE again // on the tab bar, click ‘Form’ // select void check // pick your reason // click ok //.
  3. Go to void check edit list (no need to save PDF) // exit // go to post void check // save PDF on the voided check list folder // exit.
  4. Update the void check Excel spreadsheet.

Part B:

Note:  When a check is voided, Eden will automatically put back the invoices in the invoicing system and if nothing is done, the check will automatically print on the next run. Hence, it is very important to be aware of the next steps:

  1. If you are reissuing a check that does not need any updates, do nothing. It will print automatically on the next run.
  2. if you are reissuing a check, but need to update the invoice, find the invoice, update it, and re-approve it.
  3. If you are not reissuing a check, find the invoice and delete it.

Part C:

  1. On the non-negotiable, write the date of void and the reason for voiding. Then, select one of these 2 steps:
    1. If you are reissuing a check, remove the back-up from non-negotiable to attach to the next non-negotiable run. (You do not need to request for another back-up to the requestor department.)
    2. If you are not reissuing a check, you can either keep the back-up with the non-negotiable or toss it.
  2. File back the non-negotiable.
  3. If you have the physical check, cut out the signature.
  4. File the check with that month’s bank reconciliation (light blue file).


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