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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Don SCBA to time standard: 1:00 minute. Time starts when SCBA is touched.

  1. Start wearing full PPE
  2. Verbalize bottle pressure 
    • Opens bottle fully
  3. Don pack  
    • Tighten shoulder straps 
    • Tighten waist straps 
  4. Don face piece 
    • Tighten bottom straps 
    • Check seal; verbalize GOOD SEAL” 
  5. Don Nomex hood 
    • Ensure no skin showing
  6. Don Helmet 
    • Tighten chin strap
  7. Attach MMR to face piece 
    • Breath Air
  8. Don gloves
  9. Check regulator to match bottle pressure 
  10.  Complete within Department time standard 
  11.  Once donned, check for 
    • No skin showing 
    • Helmet secure
  12.  Demonstrate 
    • Use of pass valve 
    • Manual activation of PASS 
    • Buddy breathing whip technique 
      • Firefighter out of air makes connection
  13.  Doffing SCBA in reverse order of donning  




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