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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus


Many types of incidents which the fire department responds dictate the need for the use of self contained breathing apparatus. The presence of atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health are common at fires, hazardous materials incidents and some rescue incidents. The SCBA is the most important piece of your personal protective equipment.

Conditions Requiring Respiratory Protection            Lesson Plan

Emergency Procedures             Lesson Plan

Scott AP75 Introduction            PowerPoint

SCBA Donning Procedures           Coat Method        Over the Head Method

Scott RIT Pak III           PowerPoint

Key Operational Points of SCBA Use

  1. Ensure operational readiness
  2. Tighten all straps to ensure a snug
  3. Check mask seal after tightening mask
  4. Check bottle pressure before entering and frequently during

Scott Air-Pak 75 Manual            View

Scott Pak-Alert Distress Alarm Manual          View

Scott Dual-EBBS Manual             View

Scott EPIC Voice Amplifier Manual            View

Scott PakTracker Manual            View

Scott Rit-Pak III Manual           View

Scott MMR Cleaning Manual          View

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