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Pumping a Hydrant Appliance (4-Way)

4-WAY VALVE                 

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The 4 way valve is a device that permits a pumper to increase pressure and flow to a supply hose between a hydrant and a pumper located some distance from the hydrant. More importantly, it provides a means to boost pressure without interrupting the water flow. This is especially important when pumping to fires that demand an increasing volume of water as the fire increases in size and intensity.

Key Operational Points of Pumping a 4-Way Valve

  1. Be sure all connections are made, and valves open, before changing handle position on 4-way.
  2. When “changing over” the valve, rotate the handle in a Counter-clockwise direction toward the “by-pass line”.
  3. Contact receiving pumper to determine proper pump pressure. Do not over pressure supply
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