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Payment Cards

The Purchasing Division manages City-issued payment cards, also known as CAL-Cards.


A CAL-Card is a purchasing tool offered to City employees who are responsible for procuring goods and services for their department. The CAL-Card is used for purchasing low-dollar items; it has no effect on the cardholder’s personal credit. The CAL-Card provides City employees with a quick and convenient method of payment.


As a CAL-Card cardholder, what are my responsibilities each month? CAL-Card cardholders must submit all receipts for each transaction along with their signed monthly credit card statement. CAL-Card cardholders must also code each individual transaction on their statement with a 14-digit account code or 5-digit project code. If a receipt for a transaction has been lost, the CAL-Card cardholder must indicate this on the statement and initial the purchase.

When can CAL-Cards not be used? You cannot use CAL-Cards for unauthorized purchases, which includes--but is not limited to--the following: the rental or lease of land or buildings, or for prescription medicines or other controlled substances.

What if a disputed/faulty charge shows up on my statement? It is the CAL-Card cardholder and his or her department’s responsibility to settle disputes with vendors over returning items or a false charge.

What if I lose my CAL-Card? Notify your supervisor as soon as possible, and within 24 hours. Your department must contact the credit card company and notify the Finance Director by the end of the following business day. Your department must submit a written report of the lost or stolen credit card to the Finance Director within 5 business days.

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