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New Hire Documents


We are happy to have you as a part of our team. Starting work at a new agency can be overwhelming, but we hope that you can use the resources at your fingertips to have a smooth transition into our workforce. Here you can find new hire documents, staff directory and answers to common questions!

Personnel Requisition

New Hire Checklists:


Payroll and HR work closely together, often with very tight deadlines, please make sure all forms are filled out correctly and return paperwork to HR in a timely manner.

New Hire Paperwork

Received by Department → Return to Beth Minka in PD

Received by Department → Return to HR 

  1. PAR (Personnel Action Report) Form
  2. Employee Emergency Information Form
  3. W-4 Federal Employee’s Withholding Allowance
    • Must be a clean copy; no white out or crossed out info
  4. DE-4 State of Calif. Employee’s Withholding Allowance
    • Must be a clean copy; no white out or crossed out info
  5. I-9 Form and I-9 Instructions
    • Original documents must be reviewed and form signed off by department. Copies of documents must be attached to form.
  6. SSA-1945 Form (Statement concerning employment not covered by Social Security)
  7. PARS Info Handout (MCERA retirees not eligible)
  8. PARS Beneficiary form (MCERA retirees not eligible)
  9. Direct Deposit Form
    • Attach voided check
  10. Oath Document and Disaster Service Worker Brochure 
  11. MCERA Post-Retirement Employment Certification (General or Safety)
    • For MCERA Retirees only
  12. At-Will Employment Form
  13. Temp/Seasonal Memo from HR Department (Also for Fixed-Term Employees)
  14. Job Description and Acknowledgement of receipt- Job Description
  15.  Vaccine & Booster Status Form



No signature required, but must be given to ALL Temp/Seasonal employees


(Check the following list of job classifications that are considered to have occupational exposure)

Departments should complete checklists upon receipt of all required paperwork and return all signed forms to HR no later than the employee's first day of work or 3 days before the end of the pay period, whichever is sooner. Also, don't forget to request a New Employee email with our IT department.

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