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  1. Position raised ladder 
    • Against objective 
  2. Lock Pawls- dogs and locks 
    • Once correct height is obtained 
    • Confirming by sight and sound 
  3. Take position 
    • Between ladder and building 
    • Facing rungs 
  4. Grasp halyard waist high 
    • Between rungs 
  5. Pull halyard 
    • Through rungs 
    • Until standing part is taut 
    • To your side of ladder 
  6. Form open bight
  7. Keeping standing part taut 
  8. Pass bight around 
    • Running end going up ladder 
    • Cinch taut 
    • Should be eye level 
  9. Pass bight around rung 
    • Pass under and up 
    • Back over the rung forming loop 
    • Pass bight through loop 
  10. Cinch tight 
    • Cinch knot tight 
    • Around rung 
  11. Secure knot 
    • With overhand safety knot 
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