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  1. Face the hose bed 
    • On nozzle side of engine 
  2. Grab the nozzle and pull loop 
    • Use pull strap if necessary 
  3. Pull the hose load out 
    • Approximately 1 foot from hose bed edge 
  4. Prepare to pull hose load 
    • Place LEFT hand on top of hose load 
    • Place RIGHT hand on bottom of hose load 
    • Squeeze to maintain neatness 
  5. Pull hose 
    • 2-3 feet from hose bed edge 
  6. Turn counterclockwise away from engine 
    • Place hose load on RIGHT shoulder 
    • Right arm goes around hose load with right hand holding top of hose load 
    • Ensuring load is placed evenly 
    • Do not drag hose on ground 
  7. Step away from the engine 
    • Clear shouldered hose from the hose bed 
  8. Turn counter-clockwise to face engine 
  9. Clear ALL remaining hose from hose bed 
    • Using LEFT hand  
  10. Turn towards objective 
  11. Ensure hose strap is loose 
    • So that hose will pay off easily walk towards objective 
    • Allowing hose to pay off shoulder 
  12. Carefully place remaining shouldered hose on ground 
    • Neatly
  13. Flake out remaining hose 
    • Use couplings as guides
  14. Call for water 
    • Verbally, visually or on radio 
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