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If laying into a split lay, firefighter makes hydrant 

If laying away firefighter makes split connection 

  1. Engine #1 stops at strategic location  
    • Beginning of driveway 
    • Intersection 
  2. Firefighter gets off engine 
    • Removes Oasis valve  
  3. Firefighter signals engineer to “take off” 
    • Engine proceeds to fire, laying supply line 
    • Firefighter holds hose until sufficient hose is on the ground 
      • Coupling drops 
    • Follows LDH to maintain access- if possible 
  4. Engine #2 stops at engine #1’s appliance 
  5. Firefighter gets off engine 
    • Removes clamp 
    • Obtains 3 ½” x 4 ½” increaser 
  6. Removes appliance and supply line from engine 
    • Place near engine #1’s appliance 
    • Extra hose as needed 
  7. Firefighter anchors supply hose 
    • Grasps with hands 
    • Standing clear 
  8. Firefighter signals engineer to “take off” 
    • Engine proceeds to water source 
      • Laying supply hose 
    • Firefighter holds hose until sufficient hose is on the ground 
      • Coupling drops 
  9. Firefighter places clamp on LDH 
    • Calls for water 
    • Verbally, visually or on radio 
  10. Firefighter makes connections 
    • Removes Oasis valve from #2 Engine (supply) 
    • Connect LDH with 3 ½” x 4 ½” increaser 
    • Connect increaser and hose from #2 Engine (supply) to Oasis of #1 Engine (fire attack) 
    • Flake out hose ensure no kinks 
  11. Firefighter calls for water 
    • Releases clamp 
  12. Firefighter proceeds to Engine 1 
    • Checking for kinks 


If there is not a 3 ½“ x 4 ½” increaser available: 

Option #1: Connect as shown below (no fittings needed) 

Split Lay Supply




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