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  1. Engine stops as directed by Officer 
    • At fire 
  2. Firefighter gets off engine with full PPE 
  3. Equipment is removed 
    • Hose clamp 
    • Tri-wye 
  4. Working line is pulled 
    • Quantity as determined by Officer 
    • Laid out on the ground behind engine 
    • Working line is broken with male end going back in hose bed 
    • Additional nozzles are removed if needed  
  5. Bundle(s) are removed 
  6. Oasis valve and LDH is removed 
  7. Firefighter anchors supply 
    • With hands 
    • Maintains anchor until enough hose is on the ground 
  8.  Firefighter signals Driver 
    • To “Take off” 
  9.  Engine lays supply hose  
    • To water source 
    • Attention is given to hose lay out on street 
    •  Supply line is clamped 
    • Water is called for verbally, visually or by radio 
  10. Remove Oasis valve from LHD 
  11.  Tri-wye is connected 
    • Valves are confirmed closed 
    • Water is called for 
  12.  Clamp is removed 
  13.  Working line is connected 
    • To Tri-wye 
  14.  Working line and bundle are advanced to fire 
  15.  Set bundle and working line down at objective 
    • Remove nozzle from the end of working lin e
  16.  Remove bundle bra straps 
    • Connect gated wye to working line 
    • Shut off wye valve 
    • Call for water – verbally, visually or by radio 
  17.  Flake out bundle 
    • Call for water – verbally, visually or by radio 
  18.  Charge bundle 
    • Open wye 
    • Remove kinks 
  19.  Bleed air from nozzle 
    • Away from fire 
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