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  1. Command “Make the Hydrant” is given by the Officer 
    • Firefighter leaves riding position and goes to tailboard 
  2.  Remove fitting bag from appliance 
    • Place on ground near hydrant 
  3. Remove 2 ½” Hose 
    • Remove enough hose to reach hydrant & place a full wrap around hydrant 
  4. Anchor hose line 
    • Grasp 2 ½” hose from outside with hands, drop hose if it hangs up while laying 
  5. Signal engine to “take off” 
    • Verbally and visually signal by shouting “take off” with a forward hand movement 
  6. Remove fitting from hydrant bag 
    • 2 ½” double female 
    • Hydrant wrench or spanner 
  7. Remove cap from selected outlet 
    • Using hydrant wrench 
    • Place on top of hydrant 
  8. Place hydrant wrench on stem 
    • For selected outlet 
  9. Connect 2 ½” hose to hydrant 
    • Remove 2 ½” nozzle from hose 
    • Attach 2 ½” double female to hose 
    • Attach hose to hydrant outlet 
    • Remove kinks or folds from hose 
  10. Receive signal for water 
    • Verbally from the engine 
    • Verbally by radio 
    • Visually if you can see clamp in place 
  11. Charge hydrant 
    • Slowly all the wathen back ¼ turn 
  12. Remove kinks at hydrant 
    • Using hose strap 
  13. Follow supply line to engine 
    • Remove any kinks found 
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