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  1. Take position 
    • One firefighter in hose bed, one firefighter at tailboard 
    • Third can assist 
  2. Connect first length 
    • Pigtail to hose bed discharge 
  3. Lay hose flat 
    • First two leaves even with the end of the hose bed 
    • Third leaf, make pull loop 
    • Load remainder of first 50’ of hose 
      • Leave 3 foot tail with male coupling to complete connection to shouldered load 
      • Flip up at front of hose bed 
  4. Place nozzle connected to second length 
    • In hose bed 
    • Even with hose bed dividers 
    • On top of flat loaded 50 
    • Flat load hose 
      • Shorter folds to accommodate shoulder load 
  5. Connect third length 
    • Flat load hose 
    • Finish with male coupling flipped out of rear of bed 
  6. Connect second and third lengths 
    • At rear of hose bed 
  7. Finish load 
    • Wrap Minuteman 100’ with hose strap 
    • Hose strap loop positioned for pulling 
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