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  1. Connect first 50’ length of hose 
    • To transverse pre-connected pigtail 
  2. Begin bedding first length of hose 
    • Flat loaded 
    • In crisscross manner 
    • Two hose rows wide 
    • Keeping folds approximately 10” inboard of both hose bed edges 
    • Until 3-5’ of hose is remaining 
  3. Fold the final 3-5 feet of the first length of hose 
    • 90 degrees vertically from hose bed 
    • In center of hose bed 
    • Laying male coupling over top of hose-bed divider 
  4. Connect next length of hose to nozzle 
  5. Place nozzle in hose bed 
    • On proper side 
      • 150’ Captain side 
      • 200’ Engineers side
  6. Lay hose towards opposite side of hose bed 
  7. Form a loop 
    • 4” long 
    • At opposite side of hose bed from nozzle 
  8. Lay hose back towards nozzle side of hose bed 
    • In crisscross manner 
  9. Form a second loop 
    • 4” long  
    • Next to the nozzle 
  10. Lay hose back towards opposite side of hose bed 
    • In crisscross manner 
  11. Form third loop 
    • 4” long 
    • Next to first loop 
    • At opposite side of hose bed from nozzle 
  12. Flat load remaining hose 
    • In crisscross manner 
    • Folds even with hose bed edge 
    • Until hose is loaded 
  13. Connect final female coupling to male coupling 
    • That was draped over hose bed divider 
    • Laying coupling neatly on top of hose bed 
  14. Place hose strap under nozzle side of hose 
    • Behind nozzle 
    • Capturing pull loop 
  15. Larks foot hose strap 
    • Around hose load 
    • Tightly 
    • With tail placed next to nozzle 
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