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  1. Remove monitor unit and stand (spider) 
    • From apparatus 
    • With assistance 
  2. Place stand (spider) 
    • At desired location 
    • Avoiding debris, mud and foot traffic 
    • Unfold legs 
    • Unwrap anchor chain 
  3. Place monitor unit in stand (spider) 
  4. Lock mechanism 
    • In place 
    • Latched securely 
      • Check unit is secured 
  5. Place monitor unit 
    • In proper position 
    • Nozzle above the manufacturer’s elevation stop 
      • Never override safety stop when deployed as a portable monitor 
  6. Extend hose lines 
    • From apparatus to monitor set up 
    • Pull extra 50 feet for loop in front of monitor 
  7. Loop hose in front of monitor 
    • Place first coupling in front of monitor 
    • Approximately 6-8 feet in front 
  8. Connect hose line(s) 
    • To monitor unit 
    • In accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and directions 
  9. Secure chain/webbing to hose 
    • Around coupling in front of monitor 
  10. Check tip size 
    • Called for from Officer 
    • Notify pump operator of flow 
  11. Steady monitor 
    • Without placing body over the top of the appliance 
    • Operator can safely abandon position if needed 
  12. Signal for water 
    • Verbal, hand signal, or by radio 
  13. Adjust direction of water flow 
    • Slow, deliberate manner 
      • No more than 45 degree’s either direction from center 
    • Never below 30 degrees or manufacturer’s recommendation 
      • Unless it is mounted to apparatus as deck gun/wagon battery 
  14. Maintain visual or radio contact 
    • With Engineer pumping to monitor 
      • 80 psi on monitor gauge  
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