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  1. Obtain bundle from engine 
    • Use bundle with wye first 
  2. Load on shoulder 
    • Center on shoulder 
  3. Carry to desired location 
    • At end of working line  
    • Or standpipe connection 
  4. Place bundle on ground 
    • Undo strap assembly 
  5. Connect to water source 
    • Attach wye to water source 
    • Shut off both wye valves 
    • Call for water to wye 
  6. Advance hose 
    • Grasp nozzle and coupling 
    • Flake out hose, remove kinks 
  7. Call for water 
    • Verbally, hand signal or on radio 
    • You may have to return to wye to charge line yourself 
    • Remove kinks while following back to nozzle 
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