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Contracts & Agreements

If you are creating a contract or agreement for approval, you are considered the project manager for that agreement. Follow these steps to start the process:

  1. Project Manager:
  2. City Attorney: Reviews, revises and comments on the draft agreement and return it to the project manager as well as confirm insurance requirements and send a PINS insurance notice to the contractor
  3. Project Manager: Forward (2) originals of the final agreement to the contractor for their signature
  4. Project Manager: If necessary* contractor-signed agreement must be agendized for City Council approval
    • *Professional Services:         Over $75,000 
    • *Purchase:                                    Over $75,000
    • *Public Works Contract:   Over $175,000
  5. Project Manager: If the contract is within the City Manager’s authority, or following City Council approval, forward the signed originals to the City Attorney’s Office with a printed copy of the Contract Routing Form previously used
  6. City Attorney: Reviews and approves the hard copy of the signed agreement and the insurance in PINS
  7. City Manager / Mayor: Executes the agreement
  8. City Clerk: Attests signature, retains original agreement and forwards a copy to the project manager.

The City Clerk’s office is the Office of Record, which means that the record will be retained in the City Clerk’s office for the life cycle of that agreement. If you decide to keep a copy for your files, please be sure to note it as a COPY. This will allow you to destroy the record when it is no longer needed without having to go through the formal process of destroying records.

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